Company Information

Organization Chart

  • Board of Directors
    • Sales Division 1
      • Section 1

        Sales of Marine Vessel equipment and Ships Power Plants equipment mainly in Japan

      • Section 2

        Sales of Paints, Paint equipment and Factory equipment

      • Shikoku Branch

        Sales of Paints for Ships, Bridges, Plants, Marine equipment and Factory equipment, mainly in Shikoku, Japan

    • Sales Division 2

      Overseas sales of Marine Vessel equipment, Ocean equipment, various Plant equipment, and Factory equipment mainly in China

      • Section 1
      • Section 2
    • Sales Division 3

      Sales of SOx Scrubbers units as the Japanese Agent of CR Ocean Engineering (USA) as well as SOx Scrubber related equipment such as valves, strainers, expansion joints (including special stainless steel), and pipes (GRE, UNS531254, S32750, etc).

      • Section 1
      • Section 2
    • Administration
      • Accounting Section
      • General Affairs Section
  • Project Team